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Massive Opening Event

Mu Online Europe X10 15.April!


Mu Online Season 17

Startergift Lucky Set LVL1


New characters Lemuria, Kundun

3Day Skeleton +Ring ON OPENING DAY!


New maps Kethotum with Elite Bosses

Mu Online Europe X10 16.April!


Found Drops

All Locations
Pouch of Blessing
Yellow Snake (Yellow)
Golden Goblin
Golden Titan
Golden Tantalos
Golden Erohim
Golden Hell Maine
Golden Kundun
Moon Rabbit
Pouch of Blessing
White Monkey
Green Rooster
White Rooster
(Elite) Great Bahamut of Abyss
(Elite) Lizard King of Abyss
(Elite) Scorched Warrior
(Elite) Scorched Assassins
(Elite) Scorched Wizard
(Elite) Great Drakan
(Elite) Phoenix of Darkness
(Elite) Temple Ogre
(Elite) Temple Gremlin
(Elite) Temple Gargoyle