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Kanturu Underground Information
This is Mu Online Season 17 Part 2 feature
Kanturu Underground Mini Map
How to move Entry level Hunting level
Move Command window Move command window (M) - move using 50,000 zen 1,190 1,220
On foot Move through the entrance of the kanturu ruins (106. 159) coordinates
Basic information on the Kanturu underground
You can move to the hunting ground  position (main/sub-main) of the desired attribute by using Helper Plus
The Kantur Underground Facility is an attribute hunting ground, where monsters with attributes appear.
Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption, 
     It has a debuff probability resistance value.
 A safety zone exists in the center of the Kanturu underground.
     When entering the hunting ground, dying, or reconnecting, you will be moved to a safe zone.
Main drop item information
Excellent Brilliant Armor Excellent socket necklace
Gems and general grade items like other hunting grounds are dropped.
Monsters that appear in the Kanturu underground facility
Underground persona
1298806744_Undergroundpersona.png.e2d413b325bf6762eb6a955adf07f224.png name Underground persona
level 615
explanation An underground persona monster that uses whirlwind and evil spirit skills
Underground Twin Tail
1294679592_Undergroundtwintail.png.c181f85d21affd3b7956a961e209ccfa.png name underground twintail
level 620
explanation An underground twintail monster that
can attack distant targets by wielding a long spear .
3) Underground Dreadfier
1779122534_UndergroundDreadpier.png.60d17809a56634e76837fc0f74bdc202.png name Underground Dreadfier
level 620
It is an underground dreadfear monster that uses two short-range slash attack.
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