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Shining Tail Pet Season 17 Part 2
The 4th Guardian Shining Tail is added.
The 4th guardian 'Shining Tail' and 'Shining Tail (rare)' will be added.
Shining Tail (rare) can be obtained with a low probability as a Guardian with the same stats as Shining Tail but a different color  .
The 4th Guardian is an inventory mounted mount item.
The 4th Guardian can be obtained through the 3rd Guardian Upgrade Combination.
Shining Tail Shining Tail (rare)
Lv.1100 Lv.1100
shining-tail.png.b499fc7c311c324ef51c948ef627b865.png Shining-Tail-rare.png.9582b980cf11adfd129903114cea23b9.png
How to Obtain Shining Tail
Guardian Upgrade Combination
Guardian upgrade combination can be done through NPC Lorencia (122,110) 'Teaner'.
Upgrade combinations are possible from +11 level of the previous guardian,  and the combination probability varies depending on the level.
As a combination material item, it can be upgraded using the 'Shining Tail Seal' item and a jewel item.
If the combination fails, the ruud shop materials and gem materials disappear, and  the guardian used as the basic material drops to level +0.
When the upgrade combination is successful, the guardian's general options and elite resistance options are randomly re-applied.
When upgrading a guardian with 3 general options, it  will be randomly re-granted with at least 2 options.
However, the elite resistance option is unconditionally re-granted at random.
    * There is a low probability of obtaining a 'Shining Tail (rare)' item when combining upgrades.
Combination type basic material Ruudshop material jewelry material Combination Probability Combination result
4th Guardian
(Shining Tail)
+15 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
Shining Tail's
Jewel of Blessing 20 Jewel of
Soul 20 Jewel of
Chaos 1 Jewel of
100% +0 Enhanced
4 Chagadian
[Shining Tail
Shining Tail
+14 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
+13 Enhanced
3 Chagadian
+12 Reinforcement
3 Chagarian
+11 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
Shining Tail's Seal
301989238_ShiningTailsSeal.png.974e29e95691f533ccd5241934194ad9.png Sales NPC Priest James
Elbeland (32. 239)
ruud shop selling price 50,000 Ruud
Shining Tail Guardian Option
  1) Basic option
    (1) The 4th Guardian in the form of a vehicle has the following basic options.
default option
movement speed increase
Attack speed increase + 7
Defense + 228
  2) Guardian option
    (1) Guardians have normal options and elite monster resistance options.
    [General option]
    - You can have a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 options.
    - The option value increases according to the guardian's enhancement level.
general option
Attribute attack increase + 177
Attribute defense increase + 177
(Up to level 1100) Increases defense by 4.0 per level 20
(Up to level 1100) Increases ATK/Magic/Low Power by 4.0 per level 20
    [Elite Monster Resistance Option]
    - You can have 1 type of option out of 1~5 types.
    - This option resists the abilities of elite monsters located in the elite zone.
    - The option value increases according to the guardian's enhancement level.
Elite Monster Resistance Options
Type 1 (Fire) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack reduction resistance
Type 2 (Water) poison damage resistance Attack reduction resistance
Type 3 (ground) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack speed reduction resistance
4 types (wind) poison damage resistance defense reduction resistance
Type 5 (Dark) Bleeding Damage Resistance defense reduction resistance
4. Guardian Decomposition
  1) When disassembling a guardian item, you can obtain 'Guardian Enhancement Stone'.
    (1) You can disassemble the Guardian item you have in your inventory by using the 'Disassemble' function after you unequip it.
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