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Kanturu Underground Map Mu Online Season 17
1. Kanturu underground facility information
Kanturu Underground Map
how to move entry level hunting penalty level
move command window Movement command window (M) - Move using 50,000 Zen 1,190 1,220
move on foot Go through the entrance of Kantur Ruins (106. 159) coordinates
 Basic information of Kanturu underground facility
Using Helper Plus,  you can move to the hunting ground seat (main/boomain) of the desired property  .
The Kanturu underground facility is an attribute hunting ground, where monsters with attributes appear.
Monsters have Excellent Damage Probability Resistance, Critical Damage Probability Resistance, Damage Absorption, It has a debuff chance resistance value.
There is a safety zone in the center of the Kanturu underground facility.
Entering the hunting ground, character death, or reconnect will move you to the safe zone.
Main drop item information in Kanturu Underground
main drop items
Excellent Brilliant Armor Excellent socket necklace
(1) Gems and general grade items are dropped like other hunting grounds.
Monsters in the Kanturu underground
Underground Persona
Underground-Persona.png name underground persona
level 615
Described It is an underground persona monster that uses whirlwind and demon skills
Underground Twintail
Underground-Persona.png name underground twintail
level 620
It is an underground twin-tailed monster that can attack targets from afar by swinging a long spear
Underground Dreadfear
Underground-Dreadfear.png name Underground Dreadfear
level 620
An underground Dreadfear monster that uses close-range slashing attacks twice .


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