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Mu Online Season 14

Mu Online Europe is opening in 5.July!


The New Class: Rune Wizard

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 5.July, join the thousands online!.


Server Config/Location

Server location is Switzerland, Europe, premium ddos protected network, boosted network across ever-expanding geographical boundaries, to provide best latency to mu online players from all ower the world!

Xenon CPU, SSD disks and 128GB ram will provide best no lag game for thousands of online!

For stats 4 sub servers are prepared, 2PVP and 2NON PVP with 500 slots on each to provide smooth gameplay and spots for leveling to everyone. Spots can be located by pressing TAB in game. Each map has about 5-10 spots with spawn 3 range.

Season 15 is comming soon on and Janaury 2020

Published by Admin 11/07/2019