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Mu Online Europe X500 7.August!


Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


Updates 17.September

Fixed issue where it was unable to equip selected Muuns
Fixed inability to use kalima map with character over level 400
Fixed mastery sealed mixes do not come with luck option
Fixed Fire Slash Enhanced (4th) does not deal any damage in PvP
Fixed Magic Slash Enhanced (4th) does not deal any damage in PvP and PvM
Fixed inability to use Jewel of harmony while it is stacked
Fixed Dark Horse level up issue
Fixed Triple Shot damage range issue
Added ability to display exc options in game for Lucky items
Added Ring of Block, Ring of Ultimatium, Necklace of Agony, FO to Xshop
Added spots in Kubera Mine, updated drop
Updated drop rate on Land Of Trials
Changed Valey of Loren move level, now only 800+ levels can go there
Updated small bosses on each maps, some now drops Eags/MUUNS
Run Launcher to get latest patch!

Published by Admin 17/09/2019