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Mu Online Europe X500 7.August!


Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


Server X5000 Opening

Mu Online Europe will be opening new style high exp server! Exparience rate x5000 will bring easy leveling, and fast reseting, to reach high stats easy, to be able to conquer top maps and to kill top bosses to get nice loot what thy offer! Scout all maps for mini bosses to get ruud and muun pets  (high dps required, mini bosses hp starts from 10'000'000+)

Share event! Get 300Wcoins for sharing THIS FB post! Rules: Share post on your timeline, must be public and send in PM your account name. If post will be visible you will get 300Wcoins after server is open! Event works till december!

Server Opening Times: [UTC +2, 17.00-Poland], [UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines], [UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Game setup:
Version: Season 14EP1
Experience: X5000
Reset type: From 400lvl, reset on website 1kk zen * reset, stats stays, each reset reward 10GP
Grand Reset: 200 Resets, reward 2000 Wcoins, stats stays, resets are deleted!
Max Level: 400+ 700ML
Max Reset: Unlimited
Max GR: Unlimited
Max Stats: 32000

Player vs Monsters: All top map mobs are buffed and has a lot of HP, Defense, and attack power! Get good PVE set to stay alive!
Player vs Player: All claases are ballanced on maxiumum 32000 stats, PVP is made to last 5+ seconds with TOP GEAR!

Goblin point system! Collect GP by reseting (each reset 10GP), voting for server or participating in event, and get premium items from Xshop for GP!

Connect limit: Regular server 5 accounts pre 1ip, Event server 2accounts pre 1ip!

New Customizated drop for sockets items
Custom Invasions
Spots in TAB key

Commands for game:
/gpost To post on all servers (English only)
AddSTRCMD                    = /addstr
AddAGICMD                    = /addagi
AddVITCMD                    = /addvit
AddENECMD                    = /addene
AddCMDCMD                    = /addcmd
/pkclear to clear Player kill status, costs 5kk*kill (can use 1x hour)

Marry to other player
MarryProposeCMD                = /prop
MarryAcceptCMD                = /accept
MarryTeleportCMD            = /teleport

Allows to disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password, usage: /dcfriend
DCFriendCMD                    = /dcfriend

Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default, usage: /requests
SetRequest                    = /requests

Clear Inventory CMD                    = /clearitems
Clear Event Inv CMD            = /cleareventinv    

Offleveling system: Type /offlevel in all maps except event maps and level up while you game is closed. Duartion 6hours, vip 24h, auto pickup for all jewels and ancients enabled!

Decrease stats in game:
DecSTRCMD = /decstr
DecAgiCMD = /decagi
DecVITCMD = /decvit
DecENECMD = /decene
DecCMDCMD = /deccmd

Open NPC or ware anywhere in game:
HuntShopCMD = /huntshop
HuntWareCMD = /huntware
Buy stats with Wcoins ingame (rate 5stat points 1Wc)
StatBuyCoinCMD = /statbuywc

A command for scramble event allowing to provide an answer, usage: /scramble
ScrambleCMD                    = /scramble

Check Mu Online GUIDES section for more frequently asked questions!

Published by Admin 22/10/2019