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Mu Online Europe X500 7.August!


Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


X50 Limited reset server opening 1.February!

New server on Mu Online Europe will be opened at 1.February! The server is based on low stats style with limited resets!

Share This VIDEO, on your timeline in Facebook, (must be public), follow our page, tag 3friends who plays mu, and send in PM your account name! If all those requirements will be filed, You will get 300 credits for your account!

Our Uniquest rest system, that will provide longterm fun and reason to continue to play! Medium-low experience: x50 will get you 400lvl fast, but master levels will come more slowly!
10reset are maximum, each reset you get 300 free stat points, and stats after reset burns! At the 10th reset, you will have collected 3000 stat points, and filled up full master skill tree!
Monsters are set as official style, which means with more resets you will be able to farm top-level maps like abys at atlans or canyon solo if players decide so (bronze, silver and gold party gives more exp)
We have limited 5 accounts per PC, and 1 account per PC on events! Abusive farming is not allowed (more than 5accunts per person/PC)

We are preparing for 1000+ online players on the first day, there will be Sub server open for every 400 players, you can switch servers for free with fast switch!
The server has offlevel feature activated for everyone, this means you can level up while your PC is turned off. Max 12hours for /offlevel command!
PVP gens map Vulcanus has double the experience and is full of spots, prepare to fight for them!

Reset levels and rewards they give! Stats after reset burns, and new stats are 50 on all positions. Regular level is 400, which means you need to do 3rd quest and gain master level to reset, starting from reset2! Master level resets as well, but points are kept!
1reset 400lvl Bonus 300 stat points 200GP 200 WC
2reset 450lvl Bonus 600 stat points 200GP 200 WC
3reset 500lvl Bonus  900 stat points 200GP 200 WC
4reset 600lvl Bonus  1200 stat points 400GP 400 WC
5reset 700lvl Bonus  1500 stat points 400GP 400 WC
6reset 800lvl Bonus 1800 stat points 400GP 400 WC
7reset 900lvl Bonus  2100 stat points 800GP 800 WC
8reset 1000lvl Bonus 2400 stat points 800GP 800 WC
9reset 1100lvl Bonus 2700 stat points 800GP 800 WC
10reset 1200lvl Bonus 3000 stat points 5000GP 5000 WC

The server has NONPVP maps, such as ARENA, AIDA, Deep Dungeon1!

The server has events planned every hour with nice rewards as well as custom Invasions like:
Kundun Invasion in Lorencia every 2 hours!
Medusa invasion in Swamp of Calmness every  2hours!
Sheep event in Vulacuns map every day 12:00, 16:00, 20: 00 in vulcanus!

Soul rates: 70%, with luck 100%
Life: 80%
Chaos machine: +10=80%, +11=75%, +11=70%, +13=65%, +14=60%, +15=55% (luck adds 25%)

New drops lists from Scorched Canyon and Abyss Of Atlas
And a lot more features are not described and are for players to discover!



Published by Admin 27/01/2020