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Mu Online Europe X500 7.August!


Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


Updates at 13.May

Updates have been made, to play run update.exe to download new patch or download manually HERE


Fixed possible attack delays while using selection of skills
Fixed demolish skill values mismatch in display for selected game-play areas
Fixed Spirit Stone chaos mix conbination price
Fixed Earrings bonus options issue
Fixed not working 4th skill of increasing attack range
Fixed invalid attack behavior of Triple Shot skill
Fixed inability to use Dark Horse and Ghost Horse together
Fixed attack range issue for slection of AOE skills
Fixed fast durability decrease issue for selection of items
Fixed invalid kill notice about killer for selected boss monsters
Added Monster kill notices for Bosses
Added pickup notices
Fixed inability to use all kind of panda rings and unicorn by Slayer character
Fixed Inability to use Dark Horse from expanded inventory
Fixed Increase Attack Power of Lethal's Ring does not apply
Fixed Ghost Horse does not get exp while equipped together with Dark Horse
Fixed invalid Barrage Count for Death Scythe skill
Fixed invalid pentagram sockets when rewardrd from Monster Soul System
Adjusted Triple Shot skill anti-speed hack attack delay
Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills

Added new Event Ice Wind Valley (IWV)
Event is similar style to castle siege but is located on Devias 3 Castle! On Server1 Only!
Command for registration /regicewind
The guild must have at least 10 members to participate!
The event goal is for Guild Master Or Guild Assistants to sit on char one person to sit in Devias 3 on the Left side chair for 600 seconds! And can be away for maximum 300seconds!
Event duration is 30minutes! You can not warp to Devias 3 during event!
Event reward is 1000Wcoins to guild master! Rewards and event setting will be changed for the better game experience!
Event time registration starts:
X10: 15.45 Event starts 16.00
X50: 16.45 Event starts 17.00

Published by Admin 13/05/2020