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Mu Online Europe X500 7.August!


Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


Mu Online Europe Server X500 Opening 7.August

Mu Online Europe X500 Reset server will be opened at 7.August
This is the medium experience style server with resets and maximum stats of 32000 on each position. All maps are filled with spots so everyone can easily find a place to grind levels and experience.
Every 400 levels of characters can make a reset in the game, stats will reset and given 500 points for each reset. To do so type in game: /reset Reset cost is 1'000'000 zen multiplied by reset, with a maximum cost of 250 millions of zen. There is no reset limit, but grand reset can made from 300 resets. For each reset players gets 10 Wcoins and 10 Goblin points

X500 Server Opening Times:
[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

Version: Mu Online Season 15 Episode 1
Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X500
Resets: 400 Level * 1kk zen, Stats burns, Max stats: 32000 Ingame: Command /reset
Grand resets: From 300 resets, reward 3000Credits. Burns all resets and stats. Resets are deleted after Grand Reset

Balanced Player vs Player: All classes on maximum stats with top gear has a chance in PVP to kill another character in about 3-6 seconds.

Player vs Environment: Monsters on maps starting from Tarkan2/Aida2 are buffed with more HP and defence as well as damage, which means to conquer top maps player needs a lot stats and resets.

Party Experience and system: Get full party (5 characters of each class to get maximum experience boost)

Bronze party 3 different class characters: Exp boost: 120%
Silver party 4 different class characters: Exp boost: 150%
Gold party 5 different class characters: Exp boost: 180%

Party level gap: 250lvl: This is added to reduce farming with max level characters and warping to party with 1 level

Join the huge race, we are expecting at least 2000+ online in the first day!
Check available in-game commands! For fast store open, stats add and decrease, and more usefull game boosting commands.

Starter Gift codes
Ingame type: /luckyme to get first lucky set
Ingame type: /petme to get Deamon + Guardian Angel



Published by Admin 29/07/2020