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  1. Ghost Horse Creation and level up guide You can acquire the Guardian Items by purchasing them at the NPC "Moss" located in Elveland. Description of the Guardian Items Any Guardian Item can be used from level 800 onward same success rate are on all mu online private servers. Ghost Town is equipped from inventory. Any Guardian item when used erodes its durability. Guardian Items have a Normal option or an Elite resistance option. Reduction and Recovery of Life The "Jewel of Bless" recovers 100% life of the Ghost Horse NOTE: The option of the Master Skill Tree (Durability Reduction 3) does not affect the Guardian Item Creation and Improvement Combination (Ghost Horse) Visit Moss Merchant in Elbeland to use Guardian System and to craft Ghost Horse. You need Jewel of Bless to create materials like: Seal of Ghost Horse Sculpture Guardian Enhanced Stone After Creating 10 Sculptures, 2 Seal of Ghost Horse go to Pet Trainer in Lorencia To level up Ghost Horse you need Guardian Enchanced stone + Jewel of Life The Ghost Horse can get 1 to 4 options randomly. Options Description Option 1 Increase Defense Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level) Option 2 Increase Damage / Wizardry Damage / Curse Damage Lvl / 20 (Up to 1100 Level) Option 3 Increase Defense Elemental Increase Damage Elemental The Ghost Horse can get from 1 to 5 Elite options randomly. Options / Item Description Type 1 (Fire) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack Reduction Resistance Type 2 (Water) Poisoning Damage Resistance Attack Reduction Resistance Type 3 (Earth) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack Speed Reduction Resistance Type 4 (Wind) Poisoning Damage Resistance Defense Reduction Resistance Type 5 (Darkness) Bleeding Damage Resistance Defense Reduction Resistance
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