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Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3

Mu Online Europe X50 10res MAX is opening in 1.February!


New character slayer

New Dark Knight style female charcater: Slayer


The New Update: Summoner Renewal

Summoner has gained new skills and items


Updates 17.June

New updates have been made, to play run auto-update from the game launcher, or download manually HERE and extract over your game client!

Updated Drop at Deep Dungeon
Updated Slayer drop
Added Player Kill messages on Post
Fixed sale price divisor not working
Fixed Flames buff not applying within all sub-servers for Ice Valley Castle
Fixed Monster Soul Converter weekly purchases reset not working properly
Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills
Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes an invalid number of ingredients
Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills
Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without the required level
Blocked ability of use the party move system to abuse Ice Valley Castle event
Added option to limit max punish damage, now is 100'000
Fixed monsters stay "alive" sometimes after killing them with AOE skills
Fixed use skill abuse between registered and not registered players for Ice Wind Castle event
Added Monster Soul Reset time config
Fixed Magic Stones mix issues
Blocked ability to enter to CC and CCS events with Dark and Ghost horses
Fixed Pet Trainer mixes issues
Fixed ability to abuse party move by outlaws
Fixed Cash Shop Item description


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