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  1. Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Lemuria Mage 1st class: Lemuria Mage 2nd class: Warmage 3rd class: Archmage 4th Class: Mystic Mage Lemuria Mage Weapons Kris Short Sword Blade Small Axe Hand Axe Elven Axe Crescent Axe Crystal Morning Star Crystal Sword [Bound] Blue Moon Orb Royal Orb Myotis Orb Blue Moon Orb Spinel Orb Almandin Orb Blood Angel Orb Dark Angel Orb Holy Angel Orb Soul Orb Blue Eye Orb Silver Heart Orb Archangel's Absolute Orb Blessed Archangel's Absolute Orb Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Mage Pad Set Mage Sphinx Set Mage legendary Set Noble Pixie Set Finesse Set Geist Set Blood Angel Mage Set Dark Angel Mage Set Holy Angel Mage Set Soul Mage Set Blue Eye Mage Set Silver Heart Mage Set Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Wings Wings of Heaven Wings of Soul Eternal Wings Storm's Wings Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Skills Scroll of Poison Scroll of Meteorite Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Fire Ball Scroll of Flame Scroll of Ice Scroll of Twister Scroll of Hellfire Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Inferno Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Decay Scroll of Ice Storm Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Marvel Burst Law Book Unleash Marvel's Book Ultimate Force Law Book Beginner's Treatment Bead Beginner Defense Enhancement Bead Beginner Attack Power Enhancement Bead Beginner Recovery Bead Beginner Bless Bead
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