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  1. Kanturu Underground Map Mu Online Season 17 1. Kanturu underground facility information Kanturu Underground Map how to move entry level hunting penalty level move command window Movement command window (M) - Move using 50,000 Zen 1,190 1,220 move on foot Go through the entrance of Kantur Ruins (106. 159) coordinates Basic information of Kanturu underground facility Using Helper Plus, you can move to the hunting ground seat (main/boomain) of the desired property . The Kanturu underground facility is an attribute hunting ground, where monsters with attributes appear. Monsters have Excellent Damage Probability Resistance, Critical Damage Probability Resistance, Damage Absorption, It has a debuff chance resistance value. There is a safety zone in the center of the Kanturu underground facility. Entering the hunting ground, character death, or reconnect will move you to the safe zone. Main drop item information in Kanturu Underground main drop items Excellent Brilliant Armor Excellent socket necklace (1) Gems and general grade items are dropped like other hunting grounds. Monsters in the Kanturu underground Underground Persona name underground persona level 615 Described It is an underground persona monster that uses whirlwind and demon skills . Underground Twintail name underground twintail level 620 Described It is an underground twin-tailed monster that can attack targets from afar by swinging a long spear . Underground Dreadfear name Underground Dreadfear level 620 Described An underground Dreadfear monster that uses close-range slashing attacks twice .
  2. Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Lemuria Mage 1st class: Lemuria Mage 2nd class: Warmage 3rd class: Archmage 4th Class: Mystic Mage Lemuria Mage Weapons Kris Short Sword Blade Small Axe Hand Axe Elven Axe Crescent Axe Crystal Morning Star Crystal Sword [Bound] Blue Moon Orb Royal Orb Myotis Orb Blue Moon Orb Spinel Orb Almandin Orb Blood Angel Orb Dark Angel Orb Holy Angel Orb Soul Orb Blue Eye Orb Silver Heart Orb Archangel's Absolute Orb Blessed Archangel's Absolute Orb Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Mage Pad Set Mage Sphinx Set Mage legendary Set Noble Pixie Set Finesse Set Geist Set Blood Angel Mage Set Dark Angel Mage Set Holy Angel Mage Set Soul Mage Set Blue Eye Mage Set Silver Heart Mage Set Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Set Items Wings Wings of Heaven Wings of Soul Eternal Wings Storm's Wings Lemuria Mage, Warmage, Archmage, Mystic Mage Skills Scroll of Poison Scroll of Meteorite Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Fire Ball Scroll of Flame Scroll of Ice Scroll of Twister Scroll of Hellfire Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Inferno Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Decay Scroll of Ice Storm Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Marvel Burst Law Book Unleash Marvel's Book Ultimate Force Law Book Beginner's Treatment Bead Beginner Defense Enhancement Bead Beginner Attack Power Enhancement Bead Beginner Recovery Bead Beginner Bless Bead
  3. Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Light wizard, called Kundun 1st class: Light Wizard 2nd class: Light Master 3rd class: Shining Wizard 4th Class: Luminous Wizard Light Wizard Weapons Kris Divine Staff of Archangel Blood Angel Magic Book Short Sword Staff of Kundun Dark Angel Magic Book Blade Grand Viper Staff Holy Angel Magic Book Pandora Pick (Two-Handed) Platina Staff Soul Magic Book Small Axe Inberial Staff Blue Eye Magic Book Hand Axe Chrome Staff Silver Heart Magic Book Elven Axe Miracle Staff Manticore Staff Crescent Axe Spite Staff Shining Feather Magic Book Crystal Morning Star Bloodangel Staff Crystal Sword Blessed Divine Arch Staff Skull Staff Darkangel Staff Angelic Staff Holyangel Staff Serpent Staff Soul Staff Thunder Staff Blue Eye Staff Gorgon Staff Silver Heart Staff Legendary Staff Basic Magic Book Staff of Resurrection Elemental Magic Book Chaos Lighting Staff Elemental Magic Book Staff of Destruction Wise Magic Book Dragon Soul Staff Legendary Magic Book Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard items Glimmer Set Light Ray Set Flash Set Magic Flare Set Bright Set Darjeeling Set Blood Angel Light Wizard Set Dark Angel Light Wizard Set Holy Angel Light Wizard Set Soul White Wizard Set Blue Eye White Wizard Set Silver Heart White Wizard Set Manticore White Wizard Set Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard Skills Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Teleport Scroll of Ice Scroll of Twister Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Aqua Beam Scroll of Cometfall Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Nova Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Shining Bird Law Book Dragon Violent Law Book Spear Storm Law Book Reflection Barrier Book Light Wizard Wings Small White Cloak (small wings) Pure White Cloak (first class wings) Wings of Magic (2,5 lvl wings) Cloak of Innocence (third class wings) Cloak of Brilliance (forth class wings) Guide was made n from mu online private servers official server builds and item stats might differ.
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