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  1. Season pass event Season Pass Events are monthly, 28-day event. During the event, you can earn pass experience points and level up the season pass by completing daily missions. This is an event where you can acquire reward buffs and items according to the level you have reached. 1. Season Pass Levels - Season Pass is classified into 3 levels. Season Pass Rating Use MU pass All connected characters gold pass All connected characters premium pass Among the characters eligible for the Gold Pass, the character who used the Premium Pass voucher 2. Season pass pass and pass ticket - It is applied immediately when used in the in-game shop storage box. Season Pass Pass Benefits of using the season pass pass Premium pass voucher It can be used by characters who are eligible for the Gold Pass grade, and can acquire all reward items including the Premium Pass grade . pass ticket When using 1 ticket, you can get a certain amount of pass experience. 3. Season Pass UI 1) Season pass notification icon - You can check the season pass UI through the notification icon during the season pass period. - You can check the season pass level achieved by the connected character on the notification icon. MU pass gold pass premium pass 2) Season Pass Reward UI - Depending on the season pass level, slots that can be acquired in the UI are activated. 3) Season Pass Reward Information UI number explanation One View your Season Pass level and XP progress. 2 The icon will be activated when Season Pass buff rewards are acquired. 3 You can check missions and earned EXP while in progress. 4 You can check the amount of pass tickets you have and the number of tickets required to level up. 5 Depending on the use of the pass, the reward content of the pass level is activated, and rewards can be obtained according to the season pass level. 4) Mission Information UI number explanation One When you complete a mission, you can check the EXP gained and the contents of the mission. 2 You can check the current number of achievements and the maximum number of achievements per day. 3 You can check the total amount of EXP acquired through missions. 4 You can check the mission progress. ( Waiting / In Progress / Completed ) 5) Pass ticket use UI number explanation One When you click the Use Pass Ticket button, you can see the 'Use Pass Ticket' UI. 2 You can use it within the limit of your pass ticket. When used, you can gain experience and level up. - You can set the pass ticket amount using the (+) / (-) buttons or the mouse wheel. - After clicking the pass ticket usage value, you can directly register the quantity with the keyboard. 4. Earn Season Pass EXP and level up 1) Acquiring experience and leveling up (1) Level up through daily missions - The season pass can be leveled up to level 20. - Daily missions are reset at 00:00 every day, and you can start the mission again the next day. - Experience points can be acquired through daily missions registered in the mission information UI. Depending on the experience points you have acquired, you will automatically level up. (2) Level up through Pass Ticket - You can acquire experience points and level up through the pass ticket item. - When you use the pass ticket, you can acquire experience points, and level up is automatically performed according to the experience points obtained. 5. Earn Season Pass Rewards 1) Season Pass Reward Settings (1) How to obtain rewards - You can acquire reward buffs and items according to the active season pass level. - If there are rewards not received in the same pass grade, the rewards will be received in bulk. - When you level up the season pass, you can get rewards according to the level, and you can get rewards by clicking directly. (2) Compensation setting - Buff rewards are applied immediately upon acquisition and remain until the end of the season pass event. - Item rewards are given as [Gremory Case - Character] and stored for 7 days. 6. At the end of the season pass 1) Season pass reset information - Achieved level and acquired experience are reset. - The season pass buff effect ends. 2) Pass ticket - Pass tickets are not initialized and can be used during the next event. 7. Season Pass - Premium Service 1) Character transfer, server transfer - Season pass information is applied to the character, so if the character is transferred - Season pass information and the number of pass tickets will also be transferred. 8. New Buff - Crystal of Mastery Horn 1) Acquiring Mastery Horn Crystal Buff - You can acquire Mastery Spirit crystal items as a season pass reward buff. 2) Buff effect - By obtaining 2,500 Mastery Horn crystal items, you can craft the '[Bind] Mastery Horn' item. - Depending on the 'Mastery Horn Crystal Drop Probability' set in the buff effect when killing a monster in a set hunting ground Mastery soul crystal items are dropped. 3) Mastery Horn Crystal Drop Hunting Grounds - Mastery Soul crystal drop item for each hunting ground hunting ground drop item Nixies Lake Dark Angel Soul Crystal Swamp of Darkness Holy Angel's soul decision Kubera Mine Awakening Soul Determination Scorched Gorge Cold weather decision Arnil Temple ancestor marriage decision Burning Kethotum Manticore Soul Crystal Ignis Volcano Brilliant Soul Crystal 4) Restriction on collection of items - 'Mastery Soul Crystal' items collected from monsters have a maximum collection limit of 100 per day, The collection limit is reset on a daily basis. 5) Mastery Horn Crystal Combination Settings decision item jewelry materials Zen percentage result 2,500 Mastery Horn Crystals 10 Gems of Blessing 10 Gems of Soul 10 Gems of Creation 1 Gem of Chaos 1 billion gen 100% [Bonus] Mastery Spirit according to the Mastery Spirit determination level
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