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Ignis Volcano Season 18 Part 1-3 Update Map


Map information

map name How to move the map entry level hunting penalty level
Ignis Volcano [Move command window]
- You can move by consuming 50,000 Zen.

[Move on foot]
You can move through the entrance at Vulcanus (33, 15).
1220 1250
Ignis Volcano is an attribute hunting ground where  monsters with attributes appear.
Monsters have Excellent Damage Probability Resistance, Critical Damage Probability Resistance, Damage Absorption, 
It has a debuff chance resistance value. 
There is a safe zone on the map,  and you will be moved to the safe zone when the connection is closed or the character dies.
Major drop items
main drop items
Excellent Apocalypse Items
Brilliant Chaos Combination Talisman Fragment
Ignis Volcano Monsters
Magma Gladiator
1987328402_MagmaGladiator.png.0501ae33a3f8ff2068d619c217eb6e46.png name magma gladiator 
level 640
A magma gladiator monster with close-range attacks
Magma Hook
1799994676_MagmaHook.png.fca019a0303c49dfce612cd175f414eb.png name magma  hook
level 645
A magma hook monster with close-range attacks
Magma Shaman
1083733749_MagmaShaman.png.c1e81d5a2371260f9f8768150e8f0676.png name Magma  Shaman
level 650

A magma shaman monster with long-range attacks
(Absorbs 200 mana when attacking.)



Ignis Volcano Elite Zone Monsters
1) Elite Zone 
(1) An 'Elite Zone Flag' symbolizing the Elite Zone is erected at the entrance to the Elite Zone hunting ground in the Ignis Volcano map.
(2) Magma Gladiator (Elite) / Magma Hook (Elite) / Magma Shaman (Elite) monsters appear in the Ignis Volcano Elite Zone.
(3) Elite monsters have 'elite debuff options' and 'elite skills'
When a character receives damage from an elite monster, there is a 100% chance that the 'elite debuff' will be applied to take damage. 
[Ignis Volcano Elite Zone Location]
property location
fire 171, 40
water 30, 135
earth 105, 37
wind 47, 223
dark 214, 196
2) Elite monsters
(1) Elite monsters have the same immunity treatment as boss monsters such as Punishment.
(2) Monsters placed for each attribute can apply debuff effects to characters through all attacks.
(3) The debuff effect of elite monsters can be reduced with the guardian's elite resistance option.
3) Item drop from elite monsters
(1) For elite monsters, items that only elite monsters drop in addition to the common drop items of the corresponding hunting ground are provided.
(2) Some items that are dropped from elite monsters have a maximum drop limit for one week.
The drop limit is reset on a weekly basis.
monster classification Debuff effects received by characters from elite monsters
fire attribute elite monsters bleeding effect 
attack power reduction effect 
Water attribute elite monster deadly poison effect
attack power reduction effect
Attack speed reduction effect
Wind attribute elite monsters deadly poison effect
defence reduction effect
Dark attribute elite monsters bleeding effect
defence reduction effect
[Elite monster drop items]
drop item item description
Elite Option Change Fragments When obtaining 50 Elite Option Change Sculpture items,
an Elite Option Change Stone that can change the Guardian's Elite Option is created.
Sealing Armor Piece If you obtain 50 Sealed Armor Piece items, you
can craft one damaged Bloodangel Armor piece. The flawed Blood Angel Armor can be crafted according to the success rate

without the 'Blood Angel Soul' item , and if the craft is successful, you can obtain +13 level Blood Angel Armor. [1 part used as a combination material / Class random]

golden crest 4th wing (cloak) item production material.
Elite Guardian Enhancement Stone An enhancement stone required to enhance a guardian item level 11 or higher.
jewel of harmony A gem that can grant certain options to items of level 9 or higher.
Garuda's Flame 4th wing (cloak) item production material.
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