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Boss Battle Together Event


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Boss Battle Together Event
In Mu online season 18 part 1-3 new event is presented - Boss battle together. Event is held on new event map special for this event. To participate, player needs to be at least level 800, must have Boos Battle Ticket that can be bought at Lorencia Bartender NPC. Five minutes before event start event banner appears, and player can click on it. After that player is transferred to event map. After event start two monsters are spawned: Medusa and Nix boss. Both bosses must be killed to receive rewards, most damage dealer is the winner!

Conditions for entering the boss battle together

Character to enter
A character over level 800 who has completed the 4th job advancement
Entry item
10 million Zen Boss Battle Ticket
Boss Battle Ticket
ihziihiy.png   Obtainable in Lorencia Bartender NPC


Boss Battle Together Event schedule
Event entry time 5Minutes before start
Event start and end time 06:00 12:00 18:00 23:00
Event running time 3 minutes
How to enter Boss Battle Together Event
  • Buy a ticket in lorencia bartender NPC
  • Wait till the event is announced
  • Click on announcement icon
Boss Battle Event progress
  • When the boss battle starts, 2 boss monsters will appear.
  • Characters who participated in the event deal more than standard damage to the boss monster,
  • The goal is to kill all boss monsters that have appeared.
If a character dies in an event, it will be moved to a safe area in the boss zone.
Players can continue to participate in the boss fight until the end of the event.
Boss Battle Event Rewards
  • Harmony Jewel Box
  • Boss battle Bonus Box
boos battle together event rewards.jpg




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