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Dragonmu S19 P1-3

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To expand your vault, you need an item called "Vault Expansion Certificate".

To expand your inventory (1/2), you need an item called "Magic Backpack".

1. Talk to «Wandering Merchant Zyro» and accept the quest.

  • Coordinates.
  • Lorencia (131,138)
  • Noria (186,109)
  • Devias (226,52)
  • Elveland (55,199)
  • Quest Ancient Statue to expand the Vault. - You can get Ancient Statue from Death Knight at LostTower 6/7.
  • ancient-statue.jpg
  • Quest Magic Cloth to expand the inventory of the 1. - You can get Magic Cloth from Silver Valkyrie at Atlans 3.
  • magical-cloth.jpg
  • Quest Space Cloth on the expansion of the inventory 2. - You can get Space Cloth from Alquamos at Icarus.


 Magic Cloth.


Space Cloth. aka- Rune Cloth.


Use Magic backpack by clicking the right mouse button.
Then reconnect to the game «Switch Character».



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Dragonmu S19 P1-3

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