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Jewel Of Excellent Kondar


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Jewel of Excellent Mu Online (kondar)

You can buy on cash shop Jewel Of Excellent or in other name Jewel of Kondar (press X in-game), it is custom jewel that makes items full options, but not all items and different options on different items!

Regular items (Simple S1-S6 sets) Gives 6 excellent Options!
Lucky items: Adds options, but are not visible in-game (WZ has made limits how many options are displayed ingame) You can see options on website rankings, or in C window.

Wings 1-3 LVL wings add all possible wing options!
Does not works on wings LVL4 (gives no option, they have custom options)

Season 12- Season 14 new items: Blood angel, Dark Angel, Awakening items, Blue Aye adds 3 random options!
Can not be used on accessory items like Rings, Pendants!
Can not be added on Socket items.



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