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Binding Earring


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6th Mastery Earring Binding


Earring of Binding

6th Mastery Earring item added

  • For Mastery Earrings, you can get the 'Earring Set Option' effect by wearing the left and right earrings of the same grade.
  • You can enhance up to level 15 using the three vacancy items obtained through the Chaos Goblin Combination npc.
Binding Earring (Left)   Binding Earring (Right)
Binding-Earring-Left.jpg   Binding_Earring_Right.jpg
Level required 900   Level required 950
Attack Power/Magic Power/Curse Power 330 ~ 333   Attack Power/Magic Power/Curse Power 370 ~ 373
attribute defense 300   attribute defense 358


Binding Earring Options

  • 1 to 3 options can be created for the Earring of Binding.
  • The value of the option increases according to the level of strengthening the earring in the mastery option.
  • When wearing the Earring of Unity (left) or (right), the 'set option' is activated.
Binding Earring (Left) Binding Earring (Right)
Max Life Increase 1000
Skill Attack Power Increase 27
Mastery Attack Power/Magic Increase 110
Mastery Excellent Damage Increase 185
Mastery Critical Damage Increase 185
Max Mana Increase 1000
Excellent Damage Rate Increase 9%
Critical Damage Rate Increase 9%
AG Auto Recovery Increase 10
Attack Speed Increase 7
Binding Earring Set Options
Chance to ignore enemy defense 6%
All stats increase 9
Mastery damage increase + 80


How to create the Earring of Binding Unity

  • The Earring of Unity can be obtained through the 5th Mastery Earring, 'Earring of Temptation' upgrade combination.
  • You can make 'Earrings of Binding' by using level 11 ~ 15 earrings of seduction and the combination material 'Sculpting Frame of Binding'.
  • When combining upgrades with 'Earrings of Unity', 1 to 3 earring options are randomly generated.
  • The binding frame can be purchased from Priest James for 25,000 ruud
Binding frame
Sales NPC Priest James
Elveland (32.239)
Sale Price 25,000 ruud


How to make the Earring of binding Unity

- The left earring is upgraded to the left earring, and the right earring is upgraded to the right earring.

earring material Rude Shop Ingredients jewelry materials Combination result (if successful)
Level 11 ~ 15
Earring of Deception
binding frame 20 Gem of Blessing 20
Gem of Soul
1 Gem of
Chaos 1 Gem of Creation
Level 0
Earring of Binding


- If the combination fails, the binding frame and jewelry materials will disappear and the earrings of seduction will change to level 0.

Earring of Deception Success Probability Depending on Enhancing Level
level 11 level 12 level 13 level 14 level 15
60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
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