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Level 300 above Blade Knight, Soul Master, Muse Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord and Bloody Summoner can use Horn of Fenrir. The Fenrir is a fierce mythological (Norse) creature resembling a giant wolf. In MU Online the horn of fenrir is a mount for all character classes which enhances moving speed and provides several very good advantages. A Honr of Fenrir has a total of 255 HP and can be damaged.

  • To heal a Horn of Fenrir put a Jewel of Bless on it.

The Horn of Fenrir attacks with Plasma storm which is an exclusive skill (Mana 50, AG 20).


Fenrir Combination

Part 1

20 pieces of Splinter of Armor Drops
20 pieces of Bless of Guardian
1 Jewel of Chaos

This combination will produce a Piece Horn (70% success rate)

Part 2

5 Piece of Fenrir Horn
10 pieces of Claw of Beast
1 Jewel of Chaos

This combination will produce a Broken of Fenrir Horn (50% success rate)

Part 3

1 Broken Horn
3 Jewels of Life
1 Jewel of Chaos
10M Zen

This combination will produce a Fenrir Horn (30% success rate)

Upgrading the Horn Of Fenrir

1 Horn of Fenrir 
5 Jewels of Life
1 Jewel of Chaos
One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Weapon to Create Destruction Fenrir
One or more Level 4 (minimum), Option 4 (minimum) Armor to Create Protection Fenrir

Combination will produce a mix which can be one of the following:

Notice: * Keep in mind when upgrading a Fenrir in the Chaos Machine that it DOES have a chance of being lost in the process.


Black Fenrir: Horn of Fenrir + Destruction (increase final damage)

Blue Fenrir: Horn of Fenrir + Protection (absorb final damage)

Golden Fenrir

Golden fenrir can be obtained from Xshop, has +20% exp +10% damage +10% Defense


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Dragonmu S19 P1-3

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