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Ability Enhancement - skill tree renewal


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Ability Enhancement - Season 19 Part 1-3

Season 19 Rebuild skill tree

After the 5th job change, create an ‘ability card’ using ability determination items,

You can further strengthen your character by attaching it to the ‘Ability Enhancement Core’.


Ability determination, ability enhancement stone setting, and drop hunting ground

Ability Determination Item Description
Ability-Determination.png This item is dropped by monsters in hunting grounds of Burning Kethotum grade or higher, and is a material item needed to create ability cards.

You can obtain up to 3 ability-determining items per day for each character.
Ability Enhancement Stone Item Description
Ability-Enhancement-Stone.png This is an item that can be obtained by crafting ability crystals as a material or returning an ability card, and is a material item required when leveling up an ability card.


Ability decision drop hunting ground

Hunting ground entry level and monster penalty level have increased.

hunting ground Entry level before change Entry level after change
Burning Kethotum 1,160 1,200
Kantur underground facility 1,190 1,250
ignis volcano 1,220 1,300
Tarkan the Bloody 1,250 1,350
Tormenta Island 1,280 1,400


Ability strengthening core

Conditions for using ability enhancement cores

Terms of use
5th job change completed


Ability enhancement core UI open button and shortcut key settings

Character information window explanation

Use the button at the top of the character information window

You can open trees and cores that match your level of advancement.


- 3rd: Master Skill Tree

- 4th: Skill Enhancement Tree

- 5th: Ability Enhancement Core

- Shortcut key: [Ctrl + J] 


Ability enhancement core UI settings

- Ability enhancement core slot classification



A) Extra card slot and installation settings

Extra card slot Extra Ability Card
Extra-card-slot-and-installation-settings.png Get Card Obtained through 5th job advancement quest reward (Nuke/Bolt/AoE)
Slot open conditions Open upon completion of 5th job change
Card loading conditions no conditions


B) [Skill] Ability card slot and installation settings

Skill Ability Card Slot Extra Ability Card
Skill-Ability-Card-Slot.png Get Card Produced through Chaos Goblin (Ability Determination: 50)
Slot open conditions 5th job change completed,
level 1,200 1 slot open, level 1,300 2 slots open, level 1,400 3 slots open
Card loading conditions [Skill] Ability cards can be equipped with skills that have been strengthened in the skill enhancement tree, and all enhancement effects and debuffs are maintained.

Example) [Skill] Gale Meteor Storm Equipment Condition - Meteor Storm Enhancement Skill Enhancement 
Redundant mounting conditions The same [Skill] ability card can be worn multiple times in 3 slots.
When equipped in duplicate, the ‘Skill Attack Power’ stat overlaps.
However, additional effects and additional options do not overlap.


c) Option Ability card slot

division Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 type 5
Blue Option Blue-option-type-1.png Blue-option-type-2.png Blue-option-type-3.png Blue-option-type-4.png Blue.png
green-option-type-1.png green-option-type-2.png green-option-type-3.png green-option-type-4.png green-option-type-5.png
Purple Option purple-option-type-1.png purple-option-type-2.png purple-option-type-3.png purple-option-type-4.png purple-option-type-5.png


Optional Ability Card
Get Card Produced through Chaos Goblin (Ability Determination: 5)
Slot open conditions 5 slots open upon completing the 5th job change, and 5 slots open per 50 levels thereafter.
Card loading conditions [Option] Ability cards are classified by color and type 1 to type 5, and
can be installed in any order in the open slots appropriate for each type.

[Skill] Regardless of whether the ability card is equipped, the character's abilities are strengthened when equipped.


[Open slots according to character level after 5th job change]



d) Elite Ability card slot 

Blue Elite Green Elite Purple Elite
blue-elite.png green-elite.png purple.png


Elite Ability Card
Get Card Produced through Chaos Goblins (Ability Determination: 25)
Slot open conditions Slots open when all [option] ability cards are installed in the five preceding option slots
Card loading conditions You can equip an [Elite] ability card of the same minimum level as the [option] ability card installed in the preceding option slot.


When 5 prerequisite [Option] Ability cards are equipped, the [Elite] slot opens.

The level of the [Elite] ability card that can be equipped is the same as the minimum level of the equipped [Option] ability card.


5. Ability Card Book

Ability Card Book explanation
Ability-Card-Book.png Basic features of the Ability Card Book
You can check the ability cards that can be acquired by class, the cards you have acquired, and the cards installed in the core.
You can install the acquired ability card into the core slot by dragging and dropping it. Filter function You can use the filter function to check only the cards you want to see. Filter items can be double-checked. Right-click function on acquired card You can use the ‘Ability Level Up/Reduce’ function by right-clicking on the acquired card.



6. Ability Card

1) Basic settings of ability card
1-1) Composition of Ability Card
- Ability card items are divided into [Skill] / [Option] / [Elite] cards.
- Each ability card can be strengthened up to level 5.
1-2) Ability Card Book
- You can check acquired and unacquired cards through the ability card book for each class.
- You can select the ability card to be equipped from the card book and then install it by dragging and dropping.
Ability Card explanation
[Skill] Ability When equipping and using the '[Skill] Ability Card', the ability effect is applied,
a sub-skill is implemented, and additional effects are applied.
[Option] Ability It consists of various options such as attack power, skill attack power, and defense power, and
can be installed in slots appropriate for each color and type 1 to 5.
[Elite] Ability It consists of probability options and options with advanced abilities, and
can be equipped in the slot appropriate for each color type.
2) Ability production

2-1) Creating Chaos Goblins

You can create an ability card through Noria NPC 'Chaos Goblin' (Noria: 180,103).


Card combination composition explanation
Optional Abilities You can select [Optional] ability cards from types 1 to 5, and
the color type is created randomly according to probability.
elite abilities You can select each color type and
create an [Elite] ability card.
Skill Ability You can create skill ability cards, and as a result of the combination, they
are created into skills that each class can use.
Ability Enhancement Stone You can craft the combination materials needed to level up your ability card.


3) [Skill] Ability card production

3-1) Production settings

main ingredients jewelry materials zen percentage combination result
50 Ability Crystals 10 Jewels of Blessing 10,000,000 zen 100% Class
[Skill] Ability Card


3-2) [Skill] ability card configuration for each class

class Skill name Additional effects
warlock Meteostorm of Gale Increased attack speed
black knight Saturating Sword Blow Increased range
black knight Gale of Destruction Increased attack speed
fairy Raining Arrow of Saturation Increased range
fairy Holy Bolt of Gale Increased attack speed
magic swordsman Chaos Blade of Saturation Increased range
magic swordsman Havok Sphere of Anger Add splash damage
dark lord Wind Soul of Saturation Increased range
Summoner Fire Beast of Saturation Increased range
Summoner Deathside of Fury Add splash damage
Rage Fighter Dark side of saturation Increased range
Rage Fighter Spirit Hook of Saturation Increased range
Grow Lancer Oversting of saturation Increased range
Grow Lancer Gale Wildbreath Increased attack speed
Rune Wizard Gale Lightning Storm Increased attack speed
slayer Fierce Attack of Saturation Increased range
Guncrasher Gale's Bursting Flare Increased attack speed
white wizard Spearstorm of Saturation Increased range
mage Ultimate Force of Saturation Increased range
Illusion Night Bladestorm of Saturation Increased range

- Ability skills can be used when equipped with a [Skill] ability card, and can be used when strengthening skills in the skill enhancement tree.


3-3) Additional options

- All skill cards generate one of the options of HP increase, MP increase, or AG increase depending on the probability.


4) [Option] Create an ability card

4-1) Production settings

main ingredients jewelry materials zen percentage combination result
5 ability crystals 1 Jewel of Blessing 1,000,000 zen 100% [Option] Ability card

 - When combining, you can select types 1 to 5 to create an [Optional] Ability Card.


4-2) Type 1 ~ Type 5 option configuration (blue & purple & green)

- The configuration of options according to color type is the same, and the color type as a result of the combination is produced randomly.

- The option configuration is divided into types 1 to 5.

division Option name   division Option name
Type 1 Increase in strength stat Increase in
fire attribute attack power Increase in
attribute attack power Increase in fire attribute
defense Increase in
critical damage
Increase in double damage Increase in
minimum attack power Increase in minimum magic
power Increase in
minimum curse power Increase
in Nuke attack power Increase
in bolt attack power
Increase in area attack power Increase
in extra defense power
  Type 2 Increased agility stat Increase
water attribute attack power Increase
attribute attack success rate Increase
water attribute defense increase
Attack success rate increase
5th wing attack power increase
5th wing magic power increase
5th wing curse power increase
1 slot skill attack power increase
2 slot skill attack power increase
3 slot skill attack power increase
Nuke Critical Probability (%)
Bolt Critical Probability (%)
Area Critical Probability (%)
division Option name   division Option name
Type 3 Increase in stamina stat Increase in
earth property attack power
Increase in pentagram attack power Increase in
ground property defense Increase in excellent damage Increase in attack power per 20 levels Increase in
magic power per 20 levels Increase in curse power per 20 levels Increase in maximum attack power Increase in maximum horsepower Increase in maximum curse power Increase in skill attack power Increase in Nuke attack power Bolt Increased attack power Increased area attack power Increased extra defense

  Type 4 Increase energy stat Increase
wind attribute attack Increase
attribute defense Increase
wind attribute defense Increase
defense success rate
Increase attribute defense success rate Increase
5th wing defense
Increase Pentagram defense increase
Defense increase
Shield defense increase
Nuke critical probability (%) Bolt
critical probability (%)
Area critical probability ( %)
division Option name      
type 5 Increased shock defense success rate Increased
dark attribute attack power Increased
dark attribute defense Increased
poison damage Increased
poison damage Increased
mastery attack power Increased mastery magic
power Increased
mastery curse power Increased
bleeding damage Increased
excessive bleeding damage Increased nuke attack power Increased bolt
attack power Increased area attack power Increased extra defense power



5) [Elite] Ability card production

5-1) Production settings

main ingredients jewelry materials zen percentage combination result
25 Ability Crystals 5 Jewels of Blessing 5,000,000 zen 100% [Elite] Ability Card

 - You can create an [Elite] Ability card by selecting a combination color type.


5-2) Configuring options by color type

division Option name division Option name division Option name
[blue] Full life recovery probability (%)
1 slot skill attack power increase
Critical damage probability (%)
Double damage probability (%)
Extra defense increase
Nuke Excellent probability (%)
Bolt Excellent probability (%)
Area Excellent probability (%)
[green] AG recovery amount increase
2 slot skill attack power increase
Excellent damage probability (%) Enemy
defense ignore probability (%)
Extra defense increase
Nuke double damage probability (%)
Bolt double damage probability (%)
Area double damage probability (%)
[purple] Full mana recovery probability (%)
3-slot skill attack power increase
Additional damage probability (%)
Triple damage probability (%)
Extra defense increase
Nuke triple damage probability (%) Bolt
triple damage probability (%)
Area triple damage probability (%)


6) Ability card level up and refund

- You can use the ‘Ability Level Up/Reduce’ function by right-clicking on a card acquired from the Ability Card Book.

Ability card level up explanation
Ability-card-level-up.png Ability Card Level Up
When you acquire additional ability cards that you already own, your card holding amount increases, and you can level up the selected ability card
using additionally acquired cards and the 'Ability Enhancement Stone' item . The number of ‘Ability Cards’ and ‘Ability Enhancement Stones’ required to level up can be checked in the UI. Ability card maximum level Ability cards can be strengthened up to level 5.

Ability card refund explanation
Ability-card-refund.png Ability Card Refund You can return
already acquired cards and additionally acquired ability cards to 'Ability Enhancement Stone' items. Cards originally held cannot be returned. Number of ‘Ability Enhancement Stones’ restored by type of ability card [Skill] 10 Ability Enhancement Stones when returning an Ability Card [Elite] 5 Ability Enhancement Stones when returning an Ability Card [Option] 1 Ability Enhancement Stone when returning an Ability Card



7. Change other settings

7-1) Limit acquisition of skill enhancement tree points

- If your character level exceeds 1600 (4th job change), you cannot acquire skill enhancement tree points.

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