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Verdant Earring - 7th Mastery


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7th Mastery Earring are added in mu online season 19 part 2-2

7th Mastery Earring ‘Verdant Earring’ has been added.

  • Mastery Earrings provide the ‘Earring Set Option’ effect by wearing left and right earrings of the same order.
  • Earrings can be strengthened up to +15 through the Chaos Goblin Guild NPC.



Verdant Earring Options
Random Option
   1 to 3 options may be attached.
   The value of the mastery option increases according to the enhancement level of the earring.

  Verdant Earring (Right) Fresh green earring (left)
  [Random Options] (1 to 3) [Random Options] (1 to 3)
  Increases maximum mana by 1000 Maximum life increase 1000
  Excellent Damage Chance Increase 10% Skill attack power increase 29
  Critical damage probability increase 10% Mastery attack/magic power increase 127
  AG automatic recovery amount increased by 10 Mastery Excellent damage increases 215
  Attack speed increased 7 Mastery Critical Damage Increase 215
  [Earring set option]
  7% chance to ignore enemy defense
  All stats increase by 10
  Mastery damage increase + 90

How to create Verdant Earrings
   Verdant Earrings can be acquired through the upgrade combination of Earrings of Binding, the 6th mastery earring.
   Earring of Binding +11~15 You can upgrade and combine using reinforcement items and combination material items.
   The ‘Verdant Craftwork Frame’ item is added as a combination material item, and the item can be purchased at the Ruud Shop.
   When combining upgrades, earring options are randomly re-assigned.

   Verdant Earrings – Combination Settings
     - (Left) Earrings are upgraded to (Left) Earrings, and (Right) Earrings are upgraded to (Right) Earrings.
     - If the combination fails, the Rude Shop materials and jewelry materials disappear and the earrings drop to +0 enhancement.
  combination type basic ingredients Rude Shop Materials jewelry materials Combination Probability combination result

Verdant Earrings



+15 Earring of Binding (Right or Left) Verdant binding frame Jewel
100% +0 Reinforced
Verdant Earring
(Right or Left)
  +14 Earring of Binding (Right or Left) 90%
  +13 Earring of Binding (Right or Left) 80%
  +12 Earring of Binding (Right or Left) 70%
  +11 Earring of Binding (Right or Left) 60%

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