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Karutan renewal


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New map season 19 part 2-2 Twisted Karutan
Twisted Karutan
Background Story

        Karutan, located on the eastern side of the Mu continent, is surrounded by high mountain ranges, is closed and barren, and
     is known to be one of the areas where inter-regional travel is impossible.
     In particular, in the northwest of Karutan, there was a gray tower where various monsters appeared, so it was not easy for anyone to access.
     Then one day, the nomads of Karutan were able to see foreigners from an unknown continent landing, after subduing the inaccessible monsters
     of the Gray Tower in cooperation with outsiders, they established a new civilization of their own, but it could not be maintained for long.
     In the process of suppressing the monsters, the powerful monsters underground in Karutan were sealed.
     Kardamahal's magic circle cracks and reaches uncontrollable limits...
     In the end, a loud explosion and a loud noise were heard, and Kardamahal's magic circle was completely destroyed.
     When Kardamahal's magic circle that sealed powerful monsters was destroyed,
     A large number of monsters that were unsealed quickly headed towards the Karutan ground,
     As a result, the mountain ranges that were divided based on the central base of Kalutan were distorted, forming a new topography.
     A new terrain was formed and the powerful monsters of Kardamahal came up through the destroyed magic circle.
     They took up positions throughout ‘Twisted Karutan’ and began attacking adventurers.

Map information
        (1) You can use Helper Plus to move to the hunting ground (main/sub-main) of the desired attribute. 
        (2) Twisted Kalutan is an attribute hunting ground, and monsters with attributes appear.
        (3) Monsters
             have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, attribute critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption, and debuff probability resistance. 
        (4) There is a safe zone on the map, and you will be moved to the safe zone when you enter the hunting ground, die, or reconnect.

Main drop items
  Major drop items
  Excellent Lightning Items
  Excellent Socket Necklaces

Twisted Kalutan Monsters


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