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Ice Dragon Pet


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Guardian-Ice Dragon Pet
The 2nd Guardian Ice Dragon is added.
The 2nd Guardian Ice Dragon rare is added.
Ice dragons (rare) can be obtained with low probability as guardians of different colors from ice dragons.
 The 2nd Guardian can be obtained through the 1st Guardian Upgrade combination. 
Ice dragon Ice dragon (rare)
Lv.900 Lv.900
Ice-dragon.jpg Ice-dragon-rare.jpg
Acquiring the 2nd Guardian - Ice Dragon
  (1) Guardian upgrade combination can be done through the 'trainer' of Lorrencia NPC (122, 110).
  (2) Upgrade combination is possible from Guardian of previous order level +11, 
        The combination probability varies depending on the level. 
  (3) The 'Ice Seal for Ice' item is added as a combination material item.
        It can be purchased at the Ruud Store.
  (4) If the combination fails, the materials and jewelry materials disappear,
        Guardians used as base materials fall to +0 level. 
  (5) When the upgrade combination is successful, the Guardian's general and elite resistance options are randomly reassigned.
   ① When upgrading and combining Guardians with 3 general options 
        Random reassignment with at least 2 options. 
        However, the elite resistance option is randomly re-assigned. 
* When upgrading combinations, you can obtain an item for 'ice (rare)' with a low probability.
Combination type Basic material Materials Jewelry materials Combination probability Combination results
2nd Guardian
(for ice)
+15 Enhancement
1st Guardian 
Seal of the Ice Dragon 20 Jewels of Blessing 20 Jewels of
1 Jewel of Chaos 1 Jewel of
100% +0 Enhancement
2nd Guardian
[For Ice or Ice (Rare)]
+14 Enhancement
1st Guardian
+13 Enhancement
1st Guardian
+12 Enhanced
1st Guardian
+11 Enhancement
1st Guardian
Seal of the Ice Dragon
Guardian upgrade combination material
Second Guardian Option 

The 2nd Guardian in the form of a vehicle has the following basic options.

[Default option]
Basic option
Movement speed increase 
Attack Speed +7

Guardian has a general option and an elite resistance option.

[General options]
-You can have 1 to 3 general options. 
General Option Configuration Option name
(Up to 1100 level) Increases defense power per 20 levels
(Up to 1100 level) Increases attack power / power / low power per 20 levels
Increased attribute defense
Property Attack Increase
[Elite Resistance Option]
-You can have one type of 1 to 5 types. 
Option Type / Attribute Option classification
1 type (fire) Bleeding damage resistance
Attack Reduction Resistance
2 types (water) Poison damage resistance
Attack Reduction Resistance
3 types (ground) Bleeding damage resistance
Attack Speed Reduction Resistance
4 type (wind) Poison damage resistance
Armor reduction resistance
5 types (dark) Bleeding damage resistance
Armor reduction resistance
-The option effect of the Ghost Horse item increases as the enhancement level increases.
Guardian decomposition 
 1) Change the items that can be obtained when dismantling
  (1) When dismantling a guardian item, only the 'Guardian Enhancement Stone' item is changed to be acquired. 
  (2) Disassembly removes the guardian item held in the inventory.
        After disassembly, you can use the 'disassemble' function. 

Red Icarus elite zone was opened in Icarus.

 1) Elite Zone 
  (1) At the entrance to the elite zone hunting ground in red Icarus map
        The 'Elite Zone Flag' symbolizes the Elite Zone.
  (2) In Hong Yeon's Icarus Elite Zone 
        (Elite) Hongyeon's Giant Drakan / (Elite) Hongyeon's Dark Phoenix Monster appears.
  (3) Elite monsters have 'Elite Debuff Options' and 'Elite Skills', 
        If a character is damaged by an elite monster, there is a 100% chance to apply an 'elite debuff'
        Will take damage. 
[Location's Icarus Elite Zone]
property location
fire 41, 18
water 52, 205
land 157, 20
wind 148, 206
dark 188, 98
 2) Elite Monster
  (1) Elite monsters have the same immune processing that boss monsters such as punishment have.
  (2) The monster placed for each attribute can apply a debuff effect to the character through all attacks.
  (3) The debuff effect of an elite monster can be reduced with the Guardian's elite resistance option.
Monster classification Debuff effect that a character receives from an elite monster
Elemental Elite Monster Bleeding effect 
Damage reduction effect 
Water Property Elite Monster Poison effect
Damage reduction effect
Elite Monster Bleeding effect
Attack speed reduction effect
Wind Property Elite Monster Poison effect
Defense reduction effect
Elite Monster of Darkness Bleeding effect
Defense reduction effect
 3) Elite monster's item drop
  (1) Elite monsters are provided with items that only the elite monsters drop, other than the common drop items on the hunting ground.
  (2) Some items dropped from Elite monsters have a maximum drop limit per week.
         The drop limit is reset based on the weekly unit.
[Elite Monster Drop Item]
Drop item Item description
Elite Option Change Piece Elite Option Change Sculpture When you acquire 50 items,
an Elite Option Change Stone is created to change the Guardian's Elite Option.
Sealed defense structure angle When you acquire 50 items of each sealed defense structure, you
can make 1 part of the  scratched blood angel armor.

A scratched Blood Angel Armor
can be
crafted with a probability of success without a 'Blood Angel's Spirit' item , and a +13 level of Blood Angel Armor can be obtained upon successful production.

[One part used as a combination material / class random]
Golden crest This is the fourth wing (cloak) item manufacturing material.
Elite Guardian Fossil A enhancement stone that is required to strengthen Guardian items level 11 or higher.
 4) Red Icarus Elite Zone Monster
  (1) (Elite) Red Lotus Giant Drakan
Giant-Drakan.png name (Elite) Great Drakan
level 500
An elite monster that attacks range.
  (2) (Elite) Red Lotus Phoenix of Darkness
Phoenix.png name (Elite) Red Phoenix of Darkness
level 500

An elite monster that attacks long range.


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