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Light Wizard Kundun - Mu Online Season 17


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Mu Online Season 17 Brings new character Light wizard, called Kundun

  • 1st class: Light Wizard
  • 2nd class: Light Master
  • 3rd class:  Shining Wizard
  • 4th Class: Luminous Wizard
Light Wizard Weapons    
Kris Divine Staff of Archangel Blood Angel Magic Book
Short Sword Staff of Kundun Dark Angel Magic Book
Blade Grand Viper Staff Holy Angel Magic Book
Pandora Pick (Two-Handed) Platina Staff Soul Magic Book
Small Axe Inberial Staff Blue Eye Magic Book
Hand Axe Chrome Staff Silver Heart Magic Book
Elven Axe Miracle Staff Manticore Staff
Crescent Axe Spite Staff Shining Feather Magic Book
Crystal Morning Star Bloodangel Staff  
Crystal Sword Blessed Divine Arch Staff  
Skull Staff Darkangel Staff  
Angelic Staff Holyangel Staff  
Serpent Staff Soul Staff  
Thunder Staff Blue Eye Staff  
Gorgon Staff Silver Heart Staff  
Legendary Staff Basic Magic Book  
Staff of Resurrection Elemental Magic Book  
Chaos Lighting Staff Elemental Magic Book  
Staff of Destruction Wise Magic Book  
Dragon Soul Staff Legendary Magic Book  
Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard items
Glimmer Set
Light Ray Set
Flash Set
Magic Flare Set
Bright Set
Darjeeling Set
Blood Angel Light Wizard Set
Dark Angel Light Wizard Set
Holy Angel Light Wizard Set
Soul White Wizard Set
Blue Eye White Wizard Set
Silver Heart White Wizard Set
Manticore White Wizard Set

Light Wizard, Light Master, Shining Wizard, Luminous Wizard Skills

  • Scroll of Lighting
  • Scroll of Teleport
  • Scroll of Ice
  • Scroll of Twister
  • Scroll of Power Wave
  • Scroll of Aqua Beam
  • Scroll of Cometfall
  • Scroll of Teleport Ally
  • Scroll of Nova
  • Scroll of Wizardry Enhance
  • Shining Bird Law Book
  • Dragon Violent Law Book
  • Spear Storm Law Book
  • Reflection Barrier Book



Light Wizard Wings

  • Small White Cloak (small wings)
  • Pure White Cloak (first class wings)
  • Wings of Magic (2,5 lvl wings)
  • Cloak of Innocence (third class wings)
  • Cloak of Brilliance (forth class wings)

Guide was made n from mu online private servers official server builds and item stats might differ.

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